Which emulsion should I use with Permaset Supercover?

Hello forums!
I’m planning on buying some Supercover inks to try out on black shirts that I’ll be printing in a few weeks. I’ve never used Permaset before and I was wondering what kind of emulsion other printers are using?

Hey Mike,

Here is what one long time Permaset printer told me a little while back:

I use Ulano 925WR and Murakami Aquasol HV. The ulano 925wr is a dual cure, diazo emulsion. Which means that they come with an additive, and once it is mixed in, the emulsion has a shelf life. I think it is about a month, but i’d double check the product sheet on it.

The other one (Murakami) is a photopolymer, so you don’t have to worry about the shelf life. The trick with it is that you need an emulsion hardener because it isn’t a waterproof emulsion. Murakami makes one. You just apply it to the screen after it has been burned and has dried.