Water resistant emulsion for Permaset Aqua

Hi, just got my Permaset Aqua inks and I am completely new to screen printing. What emulsion should I get? I have a friend who said she uses SEX emulsion from Performance, but I don’t think it’s water resistant. I have also had Ulano QTX and Saati recommended to me, but again, from what I’ve gathered on supplier websites they don’t seem to be water resistant. Do I need to add a catalyst to them?

If you don"t expose well, whatever the emulsion, you will have some trouble (weak stencil).

The best is SBQ for low wattage exposure units.
Then Diazo emulsion, best for waterbased

All emulsion manufacturer Ulano, Chromaline, Murakami, Autotype, Kiwo… have charts like this, with resistance rating for solvent, plastiol, waterbased…

But again, exposure unit is the key for strong stencil.

I saw your post on TSF, good luck to you

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Thank you for the info and well wishes :smile:

I’m a big fan of Murakami dual-cure emulsions. Their ‘Photocure PRO’ in particular. Easy to use and very sharp stencils.


You’ll notice in the documentation that technically you’re supposed to use a hardener for “optimal stencil strength”. I’ve never used it. While that might be recommended for some long commercial runs I’ve never had any issue with it as-is for both paper and textile.

You’ll notice that ‘SP-9500’ and ‘Photocure PRO’ look quite similar by description. I had it explained to me by a Murakami employee that the ‘SP-9500’ slightly favors performance with plastisol and that ‘Photocure PRO’ perhaps better with water-base but that really they both work well either-way.

Good luck!

I am in the process of switching all to waterbased inks from Plastisol and the Tech rep from Ulano said I can continue with Ulano Blue and that chances are I will not need hardener.