Supercover Pink and Green - cracking issues

Hi All, I’ve been printing for a while now with success. I have used many different supercover colours, which I find all have a different feel and result.

I am having issues with the Fluro Pink and Fluro Green cracking after a few washes, printing on cotton.

Has anyone else had this issue and what have you done to overcome it?

Your help would be much appreciated, as I love my pink top and want it to be long lasting.


I also have this issue with glow pink. Did you find any solution?

I had cracking with supercover yellow r and glow pink. I think I had my temp too high and overcured it. I had printed with the yellow before and it worked fine, but I think my temp was closer to 320 F. This time it was over 360 F. Can anybody confirm that lower temp helps give a better flexible cure.

Hi, I forgot I wrote this. I’ve never had an issue with the yellow, I’ve printed on cotton, poly and thick cotton jumpers and the yellow is holding up really well. I sell the tops and people wear them while training, I see them regularly and they are all still looking really good.
I haven’t had too much of a chance to do work with the pink- however I have one top I’ve been wearing and it’s starting to crack a bit but not too bad. I think it’s all in the cure. I think lower temps for a longer time with the fluros, will get a better result. I generally follow the middle temp cure info on the container and cure for longer than it suggests.

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