Storage of Inks

I’ve wondering about storage especially after colors are mixed. Without solvents (which is wonderful) what can I expect for a shelf life of open containers? Any ways to reduce clumping as colors get a little older?

I have had some of my Permaset inks for years and have never had a problem provided they are in an air tight container. the best thing about using water based inks is that if they get a little clumpy just add water to them. this mostly happens with the ink drying around the rim of the container so i just wipe it off from time to time or transfer it into another container. you can also put the ink through a course mesh ( like cheesecloth or something a little more open than traditional screen printing mesh) to strain out any dried clumps of ink. but i have never had a problem with any custom colors that i keep on my shelf for awhile.

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I would echo what Erik said. Permaset Inks, if stored properly, will last for years.

Ideally they are not exposed to extreme heat or prolonged sunlight.

Additionally, the biggest key, I would say, is that any dust, dirt, or spores that get in to the jar can corrupt the ink and create mold. That means that jars should not be left open when possible.

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thanks- my studio is unheated and I think sometime the containers get condensation from the temperature change- I’m thinking that may effect them and perhaps make any other issues worse.