Standard White viscosity

Hi everyone

I keep seeing online how difficult it is to print with white ink, and I got a sense of it this week, having used the Standard White for the first time.

Should I thin it slightly or just get used to it?

And if thinning is required, what should I use?

Would the same apply to First Down White?

I used 156 screen when I meant to use 110 - long story - but should I only use a 110 every time I use white ink?


I use the Permaset Print Paste to thin the white ink down. It does make it more transparent, but it also allows me to pull several screens in a row without having to wash it out constantly. I’ve also found that spritzing the screen with water in between pulls keeps the white ink (and other colors) from drying so quickly.

Be careful, though, if you’re ink is too thin, the water sprayed on the screens can cause patterns to develop in large flat areas of ink. This is only really an issue, though, if there is no white opaque ink mixed in to a color. If white is present, you shouldn’t have any issue with the spritzing. Hope this helps!

Thanks for answering both questions, Kelsboes! I’ll try the print paste, and that’s a good point to watch out for patterns when spritzing with water.