Standard vs Supercover for linen

Hi everyone

I’ve just read on a blog that the artist feels Supercover is too thick for fabrics. I want to print of medium weight linen. Would anyone agree? I want to print on some dark colours too, like rich browns, deep blues and black. Any thoughts?


Hi Mulberry,

The best thing about Permaset ink is that you can thin it with water.
So any weight fabric can be printed with the hand required. i often use the super cover inks on very thin cotton and lined with very fine detail to get a nice rich opaque color. It doesnt need to be thinned too much to achieve a great feel on the fabric. I have had nothing but rave reviews from all clients. Here is a picture of a napkin i printed recently with a wedding invitation

its not the best picture but you can see even on this very lightweight cotton napkin the detail is all there and is very soft to the touch. I thin with a little water and add print retarder. Also something that could make the final print heavier is too much heat during curing.

hope any of this helps…


Hi Erik

Thanks so much - yes, that helps a lot, and thanks for the pic, it’s exactly what I needed to see. I’ll try your method, and hopefully will have something good to show here at some stage. Had a look at your site, some really really nice stuff, esp for Kate’s Paperie, and the skateboard.