Puff Paste - how much to use

Does anyone know of a good ratio of how much puff paste to use with supercover white? I didn’t buy a lot and used maybe 1 part puff paste to 10 parts supercover white and it didn’t puff at all so far as I could see. I don’t want to use it all up while experimenting. Any ideas?

Hi Roy,

Per Colormaker’s instructions:

Permaset Aqua Puff Paste is a water‐based additive that can be mixed in any ratio with Permaset Aqua standard or Supercover inks to create a print with a puffy, textured 3‐D effect. A greater proportion of Puff Paste will result in a more prominent 3D effect but a progressively weaker colour and a stiffer “handle”. As Supercover inks are more highly pigmented than standard inks; greater colour strength for any given degree of “puff” will be possible when using the Supercover range.

  • Curing Instructions: Prints made using Puff Paste should be air‐dried or heat‐dried at 140 degrees F until touch dry. Once the print is dry; cure at 295 degrees F for 4‐5 minutes for optimum print quality. Note: Over‐curing the print will result in the Puff Paste collapsing and the print will be spoiled.
  • Ratio: 30% Puff Paste will give an ‘average amount of puff’
  • Puff Paste must be cured in order to activate Puff effect