Printing on Glass

We are planning to order the Permaprint Premium to print on glass jars. Any recommendations for best practices or heat setting? We want to be sure they are pretty durable in dishwasher and food safe.

Hi there M,

Permaprint Premium works great on glass. With Permaprint there is no need to heat set. The inks will air-cure over night. It’s what makes them great for not only poster work, but stickers, glass, metal, etc.

Hope this helps!

He peter,

I want to do the same but on plexiglass. I already contacted permaset they told that permaprint premium will etch great on plexi.

But I am wondering if it will be scratch resistant ?
Do I have to varnish it ?

It’s for synthetizer front panels. People will put their finger all over it constantly. It needs to hold on.
What if i have put a layer of permapremium gloss it ? Is it just a glossy effect or is it also protecting the print ?

I’d really like to stick with water based product, so I hope I can produce great print with Perma products and avoid solvent/UV inks.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Nicolas,

Here is an example of a mirror i just printed using Permaprint metallic gold and black. I did a test first on glass and after 2 days of curing the ink was scratch resistant. It was printed through a 195 mesh.

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Hi Nicolas,

Does the 195 mesh allows you a good quality on small print? I’m about to use it for some bottle printing. Let me know your thoughts, it will be very useful. Thanks in advance!

Peter you are right that permaprint premium will work fine on glass and no need to heat set.

I have not tried Permaprint Premium, but wonder about the dishwater resistance?
As far as I understand, it is okey to print on glass, and dry it without problems. But how is it with dishwasher? I will print on coffe cups, and glass that need to be washed in dishwasher machine.

Will the print stay nice after washing?