Permaprint Metallics

These are some Gold and Platinum records we printed for a Janelle Monae record release party earlier this year. They were printed using the Permaprint gold and silver inks trough a 195 mesh with one flood stroke and one pass. The material is black foam core. When using the metallic inks I always use plenty of ink retarder but dont thin with water. but as you can see even through a 195 mesh they still come out nice and bright.

These look amazing! Do you typically use retarder when printing with Permaprint? We often have issues with it drying in despite diligent flooding, and quick working. We’ve even tried thinning it a bit with water, and have even tried going down to a 156 mesh screen.

It doesn’t dry in ALL the time, and mostly just in text.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Hello troyclothandpaper

I generally always use a little retarder in all the ink i print with. Heres a good trick. Before you print, wipe down the substrate side ( paper side ) of the screen with some water and a cloth. A t shirt works great. Do a couple test prints first. They might be a little watery at first but that will go away. This helps the screen stay wet when printing and should help with small detail drying in the screen.