Is Permaprint Premium Water Resistant?

A question just came in from printer Will:

Hi. I’m trying to print wedding wedding invites with the permaprint premium ink. I’m wanting to know if i screenprint a layer of ink onto the invitations then paint over it with watercolor once the ink has dried if that will make the ink run.

Here is the reply from our print techs:

Once the ink is properly dry, then it will be fast and will not run run when exposed to water elements.

Among other things, Permaprint Premium is used to print stickers and wall papers that will hold up well in wet conditions. Once the ink has air-cured/dried, stickers can withstand weather, dirty wallpapers can be cleaned with spray and a sponge, with no ill-effects.

Drying: Permaprint Premium inks can be air or jet dried and
are also suitable for R.F. or Microwave dryers. PermaPrint
Premium dries by simple evaporation over 20-30 minutes
or can be jet dried at 65-75°C (149-167°F) for approximately
30-45 seconds. With porous substrates, drying is aided by
absorption. Drying rates are affected by ink thickness. Testing
under print shop conditions on substrates is recommended
before commencing.