Amber glass bottles print with Permaprint Metallic Gold

Hi there,
I’m about to print some amber glass bottles. They are quite small so I will need a good precision and detail. I will be happy to receive any comments, suggestions or examples will be very appreciated as I have never printed over glass before.

  • I have read I need:
  • Preferably monofilament and 195T mesh for the screen. I need a good detail as some print will be small.
  • Curation: air-cure for 2 days. The ink is scratch/water/wash resistant. There is o need to heat set.
  • No varnish or gloss to protect the print.
  • No need to mix the ink or use any special products for the cleaning process

Thanks in advance!


I have printed some glass objects with permaprint premium. I would even go down to a 155 mesh for gold ink depending on the image. sometimes you get more “gold” by doing that and creating a thicker layer of ink. Always do a test first. I have had some glass take the ink and other glass not take it. sometimes depending on the coating it doesnt stick. either way its better than using toxic stuff. here is some gold permaprint on a mirror i did and it worked great. used a 195 mesh.

Hey thanks very much! Great job man!!

I have tried and it does stick although it is not scratch resistant. Any advice on this? I would like to use this paint, color is great… maybe something that I can apply after printing them? any ideas?